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    My name is obinna Ewulu
 Born 20th of April.


  I was born and brought up in Lagos state,Nigeria. Ago-okota to be precise.
   I later moved to Anambra during the early stages of my career from which I acquired more life experience, but I’m back to Lagos now.


  Well I’ve generally been encompassed by music, My Grand mother is a musician,My father sings constantly and he even had an acoustic guitar and an excellent piano in his senior sibling would dependably play Chris brown colored tunes each moment.that kinda drew out my ability and my excitement to be heard musically. At 11 years old I formed my first tune which I would continually sing at home and in school,I wound up acknowledged and known for music in school And would dependably…

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Download Your’e Beautiful by Peter_walter

Download Your’e Beautiful by Peter_walter
My birthday gift to you
Happy birthday to me


Download and listen to new single peter_walter “you’re beautiful”

Peter_walter is here with a brand new single produced by Richie; this is titled “you’re beautiful”

Peter_walter is a talented boy with skills and has released singles like I praise the lord and Make am, he is also a motivational blogger and a fashion designer at Kenzii_wears


You’re beautiful is a slow tempo, feel good tune and is been released on the 6th of June, the day he celebrates his birthday

Enjoy! Because this song is for all the beautiful ladies, aunt, mummies to remind you how beautiful you’re

Enjoy! Enjoy!!Enjoy!!!

DOWNLOAD HERE !!!!!!!!!!

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OK, see what happened here, i was to sing in church on a Sunday service,i didn’t prepare what to wear on that day,……..

Sometimes i say to myself,how good do i look,is this outfit OK,is it the right thing for this occasion, am i over dressed.

LOL, you have to be you, both in dressing,your carriage,

I  select the wears i put on,not because am perfect is because am creative and know whats good, others might say “AH” what are you wearing while others will say “WAW WAW WAW”


Peter Walter on his simple outfit

I love fashion,i love anything creative,i can boost of myself as a fashion designer,performing singing artist and lots more,Am a lover of color  ,especially different mixed colors

Is all about being simple and classy

You don’t have to look good for others,wear what you want and not what the person wants,

I can remember the first time i wore this shirt,to perform in school,“TENSTRINGS MUSIC INSTITUTE” some were like i love this who made it for you,while some others were like i don’t like the net shirt,lol, i told them is fashion you need to create your brand,and also as a musician you need to have a particular way of dressing.

I myself is a simple fashion freak,but simple with class lol

Kenzii wears see top

OK, see what happened here, i was to sing in church on a Sunday service,i didn’t prepare what to wear on that day,i was running  to get a particular outfit,all of a sudden i saw this trousers all i could say at that moment was thank God i have a perfect CANVAS to match,putting on my shoe i found my polo though rumpled i didn’t care less, , And at last i matched to church,  see no one notice…..Funny

Ask me about it, I sang  well.


Being you matters,unicusly speaking be creative

Riser’s Sweater is finally out : under kenzii wears

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Actor, Breadseller turned model House Of Maliq’s cover isn’t a flattering one!

House of Maliq shares a first look at Olajumoke Orisaguna and Nollywood actress Rosy Meurer as cover stars and it’s met with mixed feelings!

Sunglasses: How to pick the perfect one You should be reminded that your sunglasses does not only make a statement, it also reflect your style.

Finding the perfect sunglasses isn’t as easy as people may think. You can’t just go out there and buy any one you feel like buying.

And, this is important because sunglasses does not only shield your eyes from the sun, it also makes you look cooler and classy.

However, in other to achieve this, you need to know the sunglasses that perfectly fits your face. And in other to attain success in this, the necessity of knowing your face shape, therefore, becomes a factor which cannot be overemphasized.

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