Woman Rapes, Robs Male Taxi Driver At Knifepoint

Woman Rapes, Robs Male Taxi Driver At Knifepoint

An Ohio woman has been charged with rape after it was alleged that she sexually assaulted a taxi driver at knifepoint before she and another man robbed him.

Brittany Carter, was charged this month with first-degree rape and aggravated robbery for a January 28 incident in Findlay, Ohio, according to the News-Messenger.

The 23-year-old Carter is accused of performing a sex act on the 29-year-old driver while her accomplices Corey Jackson, 20, allegedly held a knife to his throat.

According to Police report, the pair then stole $32 (£26) from the victim before fleeing the scene in the city of Findlay, Ohio.

“We don’t know why she did it,” police Lt Robert Ring said.

“Maybe it was a distraction because they took money from him.”

The incident was brought to light after Ms Carter called the Trinity Express Cab Service in the early hours of 28 January, according to police.

She was arrested after the driver reported the incident.

Jackson remains on the run but Carter was taken into custody for two first-degree felony counts.

It is understood that Jackson is wanted for rape, robbery and an unrelated murder charge.

The third accomplice is not expected to have charges brought against him, prosecutor Phil Riegle told the Toledo Blade.

Carter had previously been indicted twice on drug charges




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